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Fruit Bowl by StereotypicalPunk Fruit Bowl :iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 3 1
The end of the rainbow
Tears drip down my smooth baby face into the thick fur of my favourite teddy bear clutched tightly in my arms, like the tears of angels falling from heaven outside my bedroom window. I waited for the beauty of the first sunlight after the rain to penetrate the clouds replacing my tears with a broad smile as all the colours of my life returned in the form of a brand new rainbow, everything bad forgotten for a few moments, as all the colours of life combined together to make me whole.
RED – filled me with love for myself, with a little extra to give.
ORANGE – filled me with energy, to live each day to its fullest.
YELLOW – filled me with joy for all the gifts and opportunities life offers me.
GREEN – filled me with the need to grow and learn from my mistakes.
BLUE – reminded me to breathe and stay calm in stressful situations.
VIOLET – expressed my femininity and allows me to be mysterious.
INDIGO – enabled me to trust others and remain true to myself.
:iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 1 0
Verde by StereotypicalPunk Verde :iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 0 0 Toby 1 by StereotypicalPunk Toby 1 :iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 0 2 Emerald by StereotypicalPunk Emerald :iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 0 0 skeletons in the closet pg 12 by StereotypicalPunk skeletons in the closet pg 12 :iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 0 0 skeletons in the closet pg 11 by StereotypicalPunk skeletons in the closet pg 11 :iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 0 0 skeletons in the closet pg 10 by StereotypicalPunk skeletons in the closet pg 10 :iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 0 0
Photographic Memories
I take another swig of scotch, the glass once half full now empty. Tears roll down my face, but  the alcohol won't numb the pain this time.
A tear drop on the crumpled sepia tone photograph of you the most beautiful bride I'd ever glimpsed. Those big green eyes that saw deep into my soul, fifty years later I still could not believe you were mine. A small smile formed across my face as I remembered the moment you walked through the churches old oak door in the long white dress your mother made you. All my anxieties disappeared because even though the pews were filled with our family and friends all I could see was you.
A tear drips on an even older photograph I had never seen before. A little toddler bubble gum smile, hair up in pigtails. You sat on a rug surrounded by building blocks that had been abandoned to suck on your big toe instead. I laughed as I realised this was from the box of photographs you kept hidden in the very back of the cupboard.
A tear drops
:iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 2 0
Valentine's Day
Nervously, I strode toward the elevators as my high heels clopped against the polished marble floors to the tune of a ticking clock. I pressed the button and glanced up to see the 102nd floor was still lit up; too anxious to wait I hurried to the stairwell and habitually counted one thousand, eight hundred and sixty steps to the 102nd floor. I caught my breath on the top landing straightened my full length silk cocktail dress and checked my make up in the mirror of my compact, satisfied with my appearance I pushed the door to the observation deck open and stepped into a chilled breeze.
I glanced around searching for the familiar face of my high school sweetheart, whom had recently written to inform me he was returning to New York and to meet me here at dusk on Valentine's Day. To my right a couple were leaning against the railing kissing passionately oblivious to the crowd surrounding them. To my left a young man knelt on one knee holding a small velvet box out to his lady who stood lo
:iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 2 0
Skeletons in the Closet pg 9 by StereotypicalPunk Skeletons in the Closet pg 9 :iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 1 0 Skeletons in the Closet pg 8 by StereotypicalPunk Skeletons in the Closet pg 8 :iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 1 0 Skeletons in the Closet pg 7 by StereotypicalPunk Skeletons in the Closet pg 7 :iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 1 0 Skeletons in the Closet pg 6 by StereotypicalPunk Skeletons in the Closet pg 6 :iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 1 0 Stereotypical Punk Productions by StereotypicalPunk Stereotypical Punk Productions :iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 1 2
To whom I was, one year ago
Dear Stephanie,
It's the time of year where the line between present and future is faint and I am able to share my thoughts with you from the future. It's not all good, but it's not all bad, I guess the past year has been the best I've had in a long time so try to put a smile upon the pretty face of yours, the worst is over, but in saying that I still have a long journey ahead to find all the pieces of me. I still haven't worked out who I am and the future is not very clear. Though you can relax I am in a better situation than you are now and I have the faith we'll cross over the rainbow and find our happy ending some where in the future, even though you stopped believing in fairy tales long ago. There has to be a reason for all of these challenges.
"Hurry up, I already know all this!" I hear you say,
you really need more patience when it comes to reading these letters not everybody gets clues to what the future holds for them. Although I understand this is the highlight of the next fe
:iconstereotypicalpunk:StereotypicalPunk 3 0

Random Favourites

One Lazy Kitty by SalemCat One Lazy Kitty :iconsalemcat:SalemCat 83 31 .Red. by WALKING-GIRL .Red. :iconwalking-girl:WALKING-GIRL 151 88 Pink Toucan by vampireheartagram27 Pink Toucan :iconvampireheartagram27:vampireheartagram27 22 4
I'm ready to be whole
Take a deep breath
Don't look back
The future is in front
Take a deep breath
Don't look back
You've walked on
Take a deep breath
Don't look back
Stand on your own
Take a deep breath
Don't look back
Make the world your own
I've thought a million ways
To tell you that I needed to be alone
I've walked a million miles to stand out on my own
I've told a million stories
Before I finally faced the truth
There was nothing that held us together
Webs of lies and no proof
I took the step
Let it go, let it go
I took the step
Close my eyes, because I already know
What's done is done
We both knew it was all a twisted lie
Friendship's not based on games
And it's never eye for eye
Take a deep breath
Keep walking towards your goal
Take a deep breath
Close my eyes
I'm ready to be whole
:iconferelwing:Ferelwing 30 29
NutMix ShuffleCD by deadfishli NutMix ShuffleCD :icondeadfishli:deadfishli 2 0 Adeline Valentine Journal Skin by MollieBlue Adeline Valentine Journal Skin :iconmollieblue:MollieBlue 186 107 From Neck to Cup by pullingcandy From Neck to Cup :iconpullingcandy:pullingcandy 107 53 GreenDayMania by deadfishli GreenDayMania :icondeadfishli:deadfishli 16 4 KilljoyCake by deadfishli KilljoyCake :icondeadfishli:deadfishli 34 40 Almost invisible by deadfishli Almost invisible :icondeadfishli:deadfishli 3 2
Suicide of My Heart
I am on this bridge
About to break, about to fall
Everything is silent for just one second,
Before my life falls apart.
Do I have time to save it?
Do I even want to save it?
By now ive completely lost all control of my emotions.
I hear my heart beat,
thump thump
It gets louder,
it drowns out the sound of your screams.
Its like my heart beat is counting down the seconds
And then nothing,....
A complete, utter silence.
I can barely hear my own thoughts.
It is all over now.
Half way down i start to think more clearly.
Its that few seconds, that few seconds of agonizing pain,
When i start to think about the ones i love.
THe ones that kept me alive, the ones that were always there for me
Now im letting them down,
Im throwing everything away.
Its just my few more seconds.
The count down is over.
A peaceful bliss.
Everything is over now.
But i found peace in this,
Death is followed by happiness.
:iconsong-poem-piano-life:song-poem-piano-life 1 2
Rose of Love by song-poem-piano-life Rose of Love :iconsong-poem-piano-life:song-poem-piano-life 4 4 Right Here Waiting. by youngnhopeless Right Here Waiting. :iconyoungnhopeless:youngnhopeless 6 7 Frequent Flyer. by youngnhopeless Frequent Flyer. :iconyoungnhopeless:youngnhopeless 6 14
How To Protect
When Sara Gancher was assigned as my lab partner, my reaction basically boiled down to ‘Aw, shit.’ In a school of 4000, she somehow managed to be the #1 target of almost every viable bully. ‘Bully’ is a pretty juvenile concept, but whatever. That’s what they were.
Our school is divided into six basic categories: ‘Stoners’, ‘drug dealers’ (see ‘stoners’. Kinda the same thing), ‘preps’, ‘nerds’, ‘goths/emos’, and ‘other’. ‘Other’ basically refers to those, oh, 3500 or so students who belong to multiple groups. There are also about 100 kids who don’t fit into any category, and therefore don’t have a label. Sara Gancher is one of these. (I’m an ‘other’: mostly nerd, sometimes prep, and stoner at parties.)
Anyway, back to the story. Sara’s just one of those people who makes you feel totally guilty for avoiding her, but not guilty enough to actually hang out
:iconsnopea:snopea 22 59
sea-eagle1 by LidiaL sea-eagle1 :iconlidial:LidiaL 7 8


  • Listening to: hermit crabs clunk
  • Reading: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
  • Drinking: water
Hello Friends and Watchers

It occurred to me I haven't been here in a year, and I really miss it here. Firstly I hope your all doing well. 

Secondly, I just wanted to let you know I'm doing well. I don't know if its because I turned 25 in September (Thanks for all the birthday wishes :bigheartplz: :) but I feel the best I've been in as long as I can remember, mentally at least... I'll have to make it my new years resolution to lose the excess weight I've gained in recent years and get fitter =)

I just finished the first half of my third year at university, and I'm on break until March. It has gone too fast, I can't believe I'm literally a semester away from walking across the stage in a gown, a sash and a hat with a tassel to receive my degree. I've also began to live more outside the screen of my computer, I kind of have more than one social group these days, so I go out a bit more; and I've been a contributing writer to my universities campus magazine written by students. It's really cool to be published =)

Unfortunately I'm still unemployed, but I'm okay studying at the moment, and applying for jobs that are relevant to my degree... so far I've been unsuccessful but I have another application up my sleeve. I am much more positive and confident with my abilities after doing 105 hours as an unpaid internship as part of my degree; which I was fortunate enough to undertake in Community Arts, combining writing with art. Which has opened up a new area for me, and shown me an area I'd be interested in working in the future. I also got positive feedback from my supervisors so I think I can finally move on from my bad experiences in retail, with the mentality that it was nothing personal, and that I do have a good work ethic XD

I'm on the upside of life, and I'm going to try not to let the bad things in life get me down, life's short here's to enjoying it :cheer: I'm also going to try not to get too sidetracked and hang out here a little during the summer =) between writing the three novels I have going, and doing some paintings.

How are you?

Steph =)


StereotypicalPunk's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
I'm Stephanie I've always been interested in art, it has always been a good way to escape from life or express emotions that had to be let go of and without it I suspect I'd be insane by now... I love most styles of art drawing and painting, creative writing whether it be song lyrics, screenplays or short stories and someday novels, photography and film of course...

Current Residence: Australia
Favourite genre of music: Rock, punk, Emo, Alternative
Favourite photographer: Cath
Favourite style of art: writing and drawing
Operating System: I'm no surgeon
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
Shell of choice: one of a kind...something weird
Wallpaper of choice: my photo of me with Good Charlotte
Skin of choice: my own please
Favourite cartoon character: Bart Simpson
Personal Quote: create art for yourself first



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